Tom Dello (1989) is an international theatre professional with a love for language, social debate, the absurd and innovative theatre. Since 2020 he is the artistic director and general manager of STET The English Theatre in The Hague, an organisation that brings international theatre productions to the National Theatre venues and provides English theatre education to schools throughout the country. He also translates theatre and poetry from Dutch to English (often for NNT), writes theatre and podcasts with Maarten van der Graaff and when he has some spare time he still teaches Shakespeare and physical theatre or directs people who like to develop their talents and skills.
After finishing his Bachelors degree in Directing and Teaching at Utrecht School of Arts (HKU) in 2013, he completed the MA Performing Shakespeare at Bath Spa University in 2016, graduating with distinction. During this Masters programme he did his residency at Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London.